One of the biggest trends right now is the ultra dark lip.  Although it may seem intimidating, you can actually personalize this color to suit your individual style.

What you’ll need:

1)      OCC Lip Tar in Black Dahlia

2)      MUFE Lip Line Perfector

3)   Any deep burgundy lip liner.  (I actually like Wet N’ Wild in Brandywine because I can build the intensity of the color.)

4)      Optional:  A matching lipstick or lipgloss.

The easiest way to wear this color is as a stain.  Think of your lips when you drink red wine or cherry Koolaid, but prettier.  Line your lips with the clear lipliner to keep the color from bleeding outside your lips, and color the dark lipliner from the center of your lips outward.  Apply the Lip Tar to the inside of your lips with a lip brush.  Then, use a Q-tip to blend the color out, keeping the intensity in the center and having it fade into a more natural color on the outside.

Since this look is fun but still semi-natural, your eye makeup can be at whatever intensity level you want.  A stain like this looks really beautiful with a smoky eye and a little black dress.

My favorite way to wear this color is with full intensity.  It isn’t difficult to do, but it does take a little extra time.  Line the outside of your lips with the clear lipliner first to keep the color from bleeding, then line the inside with the dark lip liner.  This helps me by creating a guide I can color inside.  Continue to “color” with the lip liner, fading it into your lips, creating a long lasting base for the Lip Tar.  Apply the Lip Tar with a lip brush, starting in the center of your lips and blending outward.  With this product, the teeniest bit on your brush will cover your lips, so practice restraint when applying.  At this point I usually move on to something else on my face such as my eyes, in order to give the color a chance to absorb into my lips.  After a few minutes, apply a second layer of Lip Tar and correct any mess ups with your dark liner.  Finish applying your makeup, and as a final optional step, apply either gloss or a matching lipstick for added intensity.  Use a straight flat brush to press a skin tone pressed powder into the outside line of your lips, perfecting your lip line and reinforcing the staying power of the color.

For day wear, this look is pretty dramatic, so to balance the intensity of the lips, keep your eye makeup fairly natural.  Add a flick of eyeliner for a subtle cat eye effect to take your makeup from day to night quickly.  Emerald is a big color this fall, and I love how it looks ultra-glam with this lip.

The best advice I can give when you’re trying something new is to practice the look on a day you aren’t going out.  Besides, there really is something extra special about cleaning the house in burgundy lipstick.

Until next time dolls,  XOXO,


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