Makeup is NOT a tattoo, it washes off.  Unlike that barbwire armband that Pamela Anderson thought was a good idea back in the 90’s.  I meet so many clients who admit they are afraid of color.  Or they “don’t know what that brush is for, so I don’t use it.”  I say, use everything!  Your face is a clean canvas that you can create art on daily. 

That is how I got my start with makeup.  My mom & I would have Saturday date nights.  We would listen to old records from the 50’s, eat peanut M&M’s, & play with all the colors from her makeup drawer.  I was encouraged to put the bright blue on my cheeks and try something different because I could always wash it off if I didn’t like it.  I learned quickly my face was a coloring book & I made the most of my steady hand.  This is how I learned to apply liquid liner before I was double digits.  With lots of trial & error, and not to mention makeup remover.  One day, after I was allowed to wear makeup, I took my look outside.  I’ve been smitten ever since.

I challenge all of you to pick the “wild” colors & “strange” brushes to create a look.  You will be surprised at what you will be able to create. 

I hope I have encouraged you to step outside of the box & play with colors.  Please send me pictures of your art & comments on your experience. 

Photo provided by Tatiana von Tauber
Cheers to you! 
xo jules

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