Today is a wonderful day to appreciate all of the good things that have happened in your life!  December 9th is a day that has always been a day for me to celebrate life…my life…that’s right today is my birthday!  This year has brought so many great people and great opportunities into my life.  Just to have the opportunity to share from my heart about all that the beauty industry has to offer is simply a blessing. 

One of my greatest joys is seeing the face of all of the ladies that Jules and I are able to bring the gift of glamour.  It is soooo much fun to see the tears of joy (that they dab very lightly before they stream down their new fabulous makeup :)).  We have had some to even say…”I have never felt this pretty in my life!”  It makes our hearts skip a beat to hear that! 

On this day, I want to express my appreciation to you…our fans and biggest supporters.  It is because of you that I have the great privilege to do what I love.  Although somedays is can be a bit stressful…at the end of the day it is ALL worth it.  To be able to have a response like the one I spoke of,  makes it all worth while.    If you have a special lady in your life who needs a little pampering, why not give her the gift of glamour this holiday season.  Click on the picure below to find out how.

Thanks for letting us bring you the gift of glamour! 


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  • Jules says:

    The reaction described above it is the BEST! It's so much more than makeup or hair- it's about helping someone feel truly beautiful! That's why we do what we do.

    I wouldn't be able to do half of what I'm able to do with you, Tiffony! Remind me to five 5 your mom next time I see her! Thanks to her & God for giving the world the gift of YOU!

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