Caterpillars and Butter Knives

One of the coolest times of the year to a makeup artist is Halloween.  I love the excuse to be whoever I want for the night, and sometimes, eyebrows just get in the way.

Wait…what?  I know you’re probably thinking that must be a typo.  But wait, there’s more!

My favorite Halloween costume yet was when my husband and I dressed up as the Mad Hatter and the Red Queen, inspired of course by the movie of that year, Alice in Wonderland.  And yes, my eyebrows definitely got in the way.

To achieve the Queen’s ridiculously high arches, I had to cover mine, and I used a fancy pants makeup artist tool to do it.  I’m speaking of le glue stick, exclusively available at only the finest Dollar Stores.

To start, I applied glue straight from the tube to my eyebrows, following their natural direction of growth. I let that layer dry, then I coated them with another.  However, after that, it starts to get a little trickier.  You take a small metal spatula (or in my case, all those many years ago when I wasn’t quite as professionally supplied, a, um… butter knife), grab a glob, and smooth that over those brows, creating a smooth, slightly thicker layer.  Smoothness is the hardest part to achieve, especially when you are using a somewhat bulky eating utensil, but smooth is the goal. 

Then you wait for that layer to dry completely.  If you’ve got thin brows, this may be enough to cover the brow texture enough to apply makeup over it, but with thicker eyebrows, another layer or two may be required.  You definitely have to wait for the previous layer to fully dry before adding another layer.  Go for a drive, stick your head out the window, open your mouth and let your tongue flap in the wind, and that should do the trick.

(I wish my dog would stop adding side notes to my blog!)

 Once those caterpillars are smoothly covered and dry, you are free to apply makeup over your handy dandy glue stick work.  A little more advanced than you may have learned in kindergarten so it might take a couple of times practicing to really get the hang of it.  The really lovely thing about using a glue stick on your face is that it dissolves in water, so cleanup really is a breeze!

Makeup: Jessica Mock, Dolfface by Jules Hair: Emily Warren, Dollface by Jules Nails: Jules De Jesus Fritz, Dollface by Jules Photo: Dylan WilsonSend us your Halloween pictures!  We love to see you pretty ghouls and guys all dolled up!

Happy Haunting!


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