Bianca & Ramon’s E-Session Photos – wow.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Bianca & Ramon, an engaged couple who are gorgeous inside & out!  Very sweet, down to earth, & so in love.  Bianca made my job easy with her natural beauty.  I usually don’t get to meet the fiance, so it was really great to hear their story from his point of view.  During the makeup session, he would glance up and smile while reading a magazine… which is a very good indicator for me that I’m doing my job to his liking.  Bianca said, “Why do you keep sneaking peeks?  Do you like it so far?”  She was unsure of what to expect since I turn my clients away from the mirror.  It makes the reveal so much fun!  Ramon replied, “You look reallllly good.”  Ladies & gentlemen, she did look good.  She was simply stunning!  I couldn’t stop starring at her after my job was done.  I’m more than excited for their wedding day, August 7th.

Here’s a few shots that the amazingly talented Allison Reisz captured.  Please visit Allison’s blog to view the rest and read more about Bianca & Ramon.

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