So what do all these letters mean any way?  Many women, including Eve, have asked me what the heck does it mean. I figured it was time to readdress the double letter mystery.  Here’s a quick guide, and p.s. I have no idea why they have 2 names:

BB = Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm

CC = Color Correction or Color Control

DD = Dynamic Do-All or Dynamic Do-it-all


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Let’s start with BB:

BB creams were the original way to enjoy a list of benefits by using one product. My original post “Your Guide to BB Creams” from May 2012, explains how BB’s are most like a tinted moisturizer that give you a little more coverage and some even provide protection from the sun. Asian women made BB’s most popular since the color selections were complimentary to their yellow undertones, but it was first developed by a German dermatologist to help her patients with redness from treatments. Although if you have more redness than the average bear, you may need something with more color correction.



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Moving up to CC:

CC’s are a great way to give your skin the great moisturizing benefits of BB’s with also getting an extra boost of color correction. Another “C” component is Vitamin C, which is known for giving a bright, even look to the skin. CC’s are a nice fit for those who suffer from hyperpigmentation/age spots, acne or acne scars, really any problem skin would benefit nicely.  SPF is also available in various amounts.

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The DD List:

I know, it seems like I’m just making things up at this point but I promise I’m not! DD’s were formulated first by Julep to provide a reflective quality to bounce the light from the face. Reflecting light helps the skin to “glow” and give the appearance of healthy, youthful skin. DD’s also have the most amount of coverage available to conceal not only lines but also dark spots and acne scars. Still providing the same BB benefits and lightweight feel, however they do not provide any protection from the sun. Adding an additional layer or SPF in either cream or powder would be a perfection solution!

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I hope this guide and breakdown helps you find the perfect fit for your skin!

<3 Jules




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