Artist Spotlight: Meet our Makeup and Hair Artist, Emily!

“Whipstick,” as my mom likes to tell it, was one of the first words I ever uttered; little did she know it would remain a passion of mine until this very day. Red, pink, coral, nude, no matter the shade I love to play, experiment, or mix to achieve that perfect color to accompany and compliment each individuals personality and signature look. The beauty of hair and makeup can transform you into another character, time, or realm; or it can simply be used to enhance your natural beauty and mood. They work hand in hand, providing endless possibilities.

Photo by Jade + Matthew Take PicturesMy career in hair and makeup began at an early age when I would “borrow” my grandmother’s makeup, curlers, and hairspray. Curling and making up my Grandpa, yes Grandpa, was one of my very first memories. My craft continued to develop in school when I would make over and style my friends for our pretend photo shoots. In college I would have a list of sorority sisters lined up for hair and makeup before socials and semi-formals. As a student at the University of Georgia my career in beauty took the first steps toward being a profession. My sophomore year’s spending habits would result in a job in a salon where I would work to keep up my fashion habits until I graduated. After graduation I stayed on to do an apprenticeship under one of the most talented hairstylist I have ever known. She taught me the ends and outs of styling and I received a master of cosmetology under her direction. Joining and training with the Dollface team is another way for me to learn from the best and fine tune my craft while focusing on a true passion of mine… makeup!

Hair & Makeup by Emily | Photo by Rachael Lea OretherBorn and bred in small town south GA developed my yes ma’am, no sir, please, and thank you personality, love for family, sweet tea, and the simple life; while my love and appreciation for hair, makeup, and all things fashion fuels my drive to always be creative and continually learning in one of the most exciting fields I can think of ;). Bottom line… nothing makes me happier than to help you achieve a fashion forward style that makes you look and feel your very best!

 Fun Facts About Emily:

Dream Celebrity Client: Julia Roberts

Favorite Non-beauty Thing To Do: Chill out with a glass of red wine

and read a good book! I also love decorating for events & cooking!

Favorite Beauty Product: Dior Show Mascara

If I Were Stranded on a Desert Island I Couldn’t Live Without:

Mascara & hopefully I’d have Dior Show with me!!

I look forward to meeting all of you! Love, Emily


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