Most of us have trouble with dark circles, some worst than others due to heredity or allergies. Under eye puffiness and darkness may even be a married couple for some. Personally, concealer is my beauty product that I can’t do without! Funny thing, for the longest time I didn’t even like most of what was available.  It was too heavy, cakey, and it made me look like I had wrinkles instead of dark circles, which is a lateral move in my mind since I don’t want either! Today we are going to learn a few tricks and trade secrets to help combat darkness and puffiness without having wrinkled bags.

Common causes for dark circles:

Lifestyle including lack of sleep, stress, smoking, or heavy drinking


Rubbing or scratching your eyes

Runs in your family

Atop dermatitis (eczema)

Thinning skin or loss of fat and collagen (common with aging)

Using a flat pillow when sleeping

Non-makeup related things to try:

Taking better care of yourself and getting more sleep

Breaking the habit of touching/rubbing your eyes since the eye area is very delicate

Use a pillow that will elevate your head to stop blood from pooling under your eyes

Makeup things to try:


Load your concealer brush with product and place the brush where you need it the most. The inner corner is always going to be the darkest area due to being deep set. Pull the brush down and over to cover more of a pie or triangle shape. This trick will help the concealer look more natural and blended. Pro tip: I love to use a fluffy brush to lightly blend for a flawless finish.  I also love to use a champagne shimmer over the concealer in the inner corner and lightly brushed over the under-eye area. This adds a beautiful light reflective quality, which helps to bounce light giving the appearance of brighter eyes.  

I recommend the following tools for the job:

A concealer brush and a fluffy brush similar to MAC’s cult classic 217.

TEMPTU’s silicon based concealer stick $28, and worth every penny!  Why? The core of the stick is filled with Aloe, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E.  Since we don’t have oil glands under our eyes, we tend to see wrinkles faster under the eye. The silicon based makeup lock the makeup into place while the moisturizing core goes to work! All 12 shades are available for order on

Naked Minerals Luminous Highlighter $16.95, available via, is the perfect shade to brighten your under eye as well as other areas of your face. I highly recommend Naked Mineral foundations as well!



I hope this post has been helpful in understanding the why’s and what you can do to combat the dark!


Until next time dolls,

<3 Jules



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