This Ain’t Your Small Town Home Party!

The idea of hosting or attending a home party has always made me sigh a little bit, in part because of the triangle business strategy and pressure to become a sales person for this particular company, and also because I know I’ll feel obligated to buy something I don’t really want.  Small towns are notorious for these events, along with door to door sales, and before you know it, everyone is selling the same products.

When I found out that Temptu, the airbrush makeup I adore so much, was testing out a new idea with a different type of home party, I was a little anxious.  I love the product, even swear by it, but I never wanted to put that kind of pressure on my friends and family.  So I did my research, and this is what makes hosting or attending a Temptu party different.

1)      Many of you have seen Temptu in Sephora.  Many customers were not properly learning how to use airbrushing at home.  This was causing returns and dissatisfaction with a product that really is the definition of amazing!  (Check your dictionary – the word “amazing” has a picture of Temptu beside it.)  There’s a reason that for a long time, airbrush was only available to the pros.  There are specific things you need to know to get the results you want, things that aren’t hard to do, and if you are being educated on using the system, these results are easy to achieve.

2)     There’s no pressure to buy, because this makeup proves itself.  All I do is explain what it is and why it’s so awesome, and you get to try it for yourself.  You actually get to experience the beauty of Temptu airbrush, and be the judge about whether or not it will work for you.   You also get to go home looking like a movie star, always a plus in my book!

3)     Say you order a system, and when you receive it, you’re having issues.  Guess what?  I’m a phone call or a Facebook message away!  I can answer any of your questions, and you don’t have to deal with customer service.  Say you return from vacation, realizing your makeup no longer matches your new glowing tan.  Guess what?  Same thing!  We meet up, maybe have coffee, and I match your summer skin with the color that blends perfectly!  It couldn’t be any simpler!

4)     Dollface is the only company in the Southeast, and one of three on the whole east coast, who retails Temptu.  We are professional makeup artists who use only the best products on our clients, and Temptu is one brand that is an absolute must have in our kits.  This airbrush makeup really delivers.  Basically, when you purchase a system, you’re purchasing it from a professional who has worked with all kinds of faces and products and decided that this one is the best!  You essentially have a personal makeup artist at your fingertips!  (Who hasn’t wanted one of those at some point or another?)

So, if you decide to have a party, let us know!  We can hook you up with some great makeup and give you an excuse to get all your girls together for something everyone loves! 

XOXO, Jess

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