If you have been following all of the happenings here at Dollface, you will have noticed that things are really beginning to take off here at #DollfaceNorth. Within the wedding community, this time of year is very much the calm before the storm. Before spring weddings are in full swing, vendors use this time to attend copious amounts of networking events and mingle with fellow wedding professionals. Needless to say, as the new kid on the block, I have been going to a ton of these events to spread the word about Dollface and TEMPTU.

After a spectacular meeting with Jean from Boutique Events, www.beventsllc.com, I jumped back into my usual routine which includes taking Bikram yoga 3-4 days a week. If you are not familiar with Bikram, it is a form of hatha yoga that consists of 26 postures including 2 breathing exercises; it is a 90 minute class performed in a room that is heated up to 105° with 40% humidity. Crazy, I know, but I LOVE IT!!!

When I arrived at class that afternoon, I was all dolled up from my previous meeting. Whenever any of us on #TeamDollface boast about the benefits of TEMPTU AIRpods, we often brag about the benefits of the silicone formula, its 14+ hours of wear time, and the fact that it is sweat, water, and transfer resistant. Having used TEMPTU for my foundation, blush, and highlight that particular day, I figured I what better time to put these claims to the test. I have to admit I was surprised by the result. Check it out!

Now, I must apologize that the after photo is a bit out of focus; however, besides being Ď‹ber sweaty and flushed, my makeup is still intact! I cannot express enough how much I love TEMPTU as a product and as a company! I’ve always known that TEMPTU is synonymous with high quality, but I was bowled over to see that my makeup had survived such an extreme test. Dollface is proud to be an official retailer for TEMPTU AIRpods. Although airbrush makeup is usually associated with celebrity, TEMPTU has created the AIRpod system that makes airbrush makeup accessible to every woman. A flawless airbrushed finish is not out of your reach and we would love to set you up with a system of your very own! Contact us for more information!

Cheers to beauty!


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