One of the best parts of being a makeup artist is having a career that is a completely different job every day!   From weddings, pageants, and balls to commercials, special effects, and fashion shows, there are so many ways to find satisfaction in my work.  A prime example of this happened last week when Dollface was responsible for the looks at an on-location music video shoot for the UK band, Monsta.

 The band was signed by Universal Records, and we did the makeup for their first single’s music video in their costume and makeup trailer, whose driver led us through unseasonably cold temperatures to obscure locations around southeast Georgia.  These included the middle of the woods amongst pine trees and thorns that kept snagging my feet (I learned quickly that sturdy boots were more appropriate than Croc ballet flats), an abandoned dilapidated church with no windows, a swamp and more woods, and railroad tracks guarded by a policeman against any suspect characters who might arise.  (And they did – we spotted him escorting an unfamiliar man off set!)


Having grown up in rural Georgia, a part of me felt at home in the woods, and I am proud that I was able to trek though the woods with the men on the crew with confidence and minimal falling down.  Hey, I didn’t say I was good at battling the elements, just that I am familiar with the elements.  A vivid memory I have of childhood is entertaining myself by tying my shoelaces to the tree stand while my daddy hunted.  To his exasperation and confusion, I couldn’t explain why I had done that, and had to be freed by a pocket knife.  It’s funny how little things can prepare you for what’s up ahead.  A brush belt and a set bag were my entertainment this time.




Speaking of pocket knives, day one called for this essential country girl tool when I needed ash to get a particular effect on an extra’s face.  Because makeup artistry requires wings, I had several empty Red Bull cans in my car, and sliced the top off of one to create a mini bonfire.  I have to say I was pretty proud of that one – I think my husband was too!  It must have sounded exciting and flashy to him, because that night he told me “Don’t let all the glamour go to your head.”   My response:  “Glamour?  What glamour?”  I felt pretty much like a proud caveman.   The entire weekend was full of prehistoric makeup artist make-it-work pride, namely battling wind and cold induced chapped lips on the cast!






The makeup was fun and the band was so sweet (and REALLY enjoyed Southern food, particularly barbeque and homemade mac ‘n cheese).  The entire cast and crew were extremely inspiring!  I was in awe of the techniques and commitment from everyone involved.  And on top of everything, I got to listen to an awesome song I think y’all are going to LOVE!  So without further ado, here is a link to the Monsta’s Messiah (minus the music video – you’re going to have to wait just a little longer for that!)


MONSTA Messiah


xoxo, Jessica Mock

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