Bikini Beauty for Every Doll

The bright colors are calling to you from every retail shelf from Target to Sephora to Victoria’s Secret…the clothes, the shoes, the makeup, the bikinis…the BIKINIS!  And that’s when it hits you – spring is coming, and it has sneaked up on you.  While you’ve been snuggling in fuzzy socks and a bathrobe, hiding under layers of warm sweaters and flannel pajamas, the flowers have started blooming, and so has your hair.  During the winter time, it’s perfectly acceptable to tell yourself an extra layer of fuzz is comfortable, even beneficial for warmth, but as the clothes get smaller and smaller, less and less of that fuzz is acceptable.

We at Dollface despise shaving and waxing.  When a hair removal method leaves you with visible bumps and irritation that defeat the purpose of going through the pain of removing the hair, you’ve got a problem.

Enter sugaring:  A completely natural method of hair removal that leaves your bikinis, brows, and underarms smoother than a baby’s bottom (cliché alert, but really!), and there is no visible evidence that you ever grew hair in the area that you choose to have sugared.

I specialize in bikinis and brows.  If you’ve never experienced a smooth bikini line and beyond, I’m just going to go ahead and say you’re missing out. 

People often ask me why in the world I do this as part of my career.  The answer is simple:  Such a simple thing made such a huge difference in my own life, and the thing that makes me happy is making a difference in other people’s lives.  Finding out there was an alternative to the visible roots and razor burn of shaving, and the pain, rash, and rawness that always came after waxing, made a big difference in my summertime life.

Imagine being able to wear that itty bitty bikini bottom.

Imagine being able to sit cross legged on the beach without being paranoid something is going to peek out.

Imagine your hubby’s jaw dropping…in a good way!

Now, send me an email to schedule your appointment.  ( Don’t wait, because just as quickly as that warm weather is coming, the book is going to fill up, and I don’t want you to miss out on your opportunity to rock that bikini with all the confidence you deserve to have!

XOXO, Jessica Mock


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