How to Grow Pretty Lashes – Part 2

You’ve probably seen advertisements for Latisse on television or online. Although I’ve heard it has amazing results, not all of us can afford to spend $100+ on a tiny bottle of eyelash enhancer. Luckily, I found an inexpensive growth enhancing serum that (gasp!) actually seems to work! I bought this product on a whim, and it has definitely paid off.

Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator is a clear gel with a mascara wand applicator. It not only nourishes the hair to encourage growth, but it protects the lashes and keeps your brows in place! I personally saw fuller eyebrows after about a month of using it daily. My recommendation is to swipe a coat on your eyelashes and eyebrows every morning before putting on your eye makeup.

And the best part: it’s only about $3.99 in drugstores! You can find it with other Ardell products in the false lash section.

Use this product in conjunction with Jules’ other recommendations for lash care. You can find her blog here.

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