Recently, I splurged on a set of makeup brushes I had been eyeing for a while. Are you familiar with the “24 hour rule”? Instead of making an impulse buy, wait 24 hours, and if you still really want it, you can buy it. Well, I waited 3 months, but still didn’t know how I felt about spending $30+ on a single brush. Then I noticed a set of 5 of these fantastic brushes in an adorable case for only $65! That’s 5 brushes for the cost of 2. Needless to say, I gave in. And I am so glad I did! The Sephora Airbrush brushes are made of super soft, ultra dense synthetic fibers. They hold a lot of product and distribute evenly and smoothly on the skin. They truly give an airbrushed finish.

Here is my skin before:

with powder foundation:


and with liquid foundation:

My favorite brush is the precision foundation because it gives such a flawless canvas to work with, using liquid or powder foundation:

The concealer brush is excellent for under the eyes, around the nose, acne and scarring:

The eyeshadow brushes blend cream and powder shadows expertly, or you can use the crease brush for highlighting:

And the powder brush works well for blush and finishing powder. 


You can purchase the set online here, or find it in most Sephora stores.  Overall, these were a great investment and now they are the staple brushes in my collection. I love them, and so will you!

Enjoy flawless, airbrushed looking skin! 

<3 Jordan

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