The Incredible, Not-so-edible Egg! DIY Bubble Bath and DIY Face Mask



Eggs are a wonderful treasure trove for DIY beauty. Here are a couple of recipes to take advantage of the power of the egg!



1 raw egg

1/2 cup of shampoo

1 teaspoon of gelatin

Mix all ingredients together with an electric beater.  Add to the bath water when the tap is running.  Why gelatin, you ask? Gelatin’s high collagen protein content helps keep your skin smooth and firm. Many creams contain collagen to moisturize the skin but it is more effective when taken through food.  So eat some Jell-O after your bath!  For another gelatin trick, check out Jordan’s blog on DIY Pore Strips

Curious about the egg now?  Raw eggs contain natural proteins that greatly improve the appearance of tired skin.  The shampoo is just for bubbles!  Use your favorite shampoo, but a moisturizing one will make your skin feel softer.

Have a nice relaxing Hollywood style bath with a nice glass of vino and a couple of cucumber slices over your eyes.  



Beat one egg white in a bowl.  Spread a thin film on your face.  Rinse off after 10 to 20 minutes.  This mask tightens up the skin and flattens wrinkles.  Don’t do this mask too often, or your skin will eventually become resistant to the effect.  Perfect before a big event or photo shoot!


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