Have Star Treatment on Your Wedding Day!

I remember seeing a bride years ago at the mall makeup counter with her veil on.  There was also a local prom happening that evening, so she wasn’t too happy since the counter was full of girls from the prom crowd.  She didn’t really get much attention since the counter was busy.  High school girls were walking up and asking the artist questions while the bride was having her makeup done. It was pretty overwhelming even for me to look for a new lip gloss.

Something about this girl sitting with her veil on, in the mall, on her wedding day, really stuck with me.  I didn’t even know her, but I wanted to give her some personal attention and love on her a little bit!  (For those of you who haven’t met me yet, I’m a hugger.)  I continued to think about her and how I could make that situation better.  And don’t get me wrong; if you are totally okay with going to the mall on your wedding day to get your makeup done, there is nothing wrong with that!  But my thought was for the girl who didn’t want to be there and wanted to have one-on-one star treatment on her big day.  

I was new to Savannah, and I was starting to book a couple of brides here and there.  So I decided to try to create an experience for my upcoming brides.  I’m proud to say that April 2012 marked our 4th bridal season, and we continue to strive for creating a fantastic and customized experience to set the best tone on the wedding day.  We create a fun, relaxed environment for our dolls while we pamper the entire party.  And don’t forget that when you hop down from our fancy director’s chair, you are a vision.  On your special day, I believe you should look and feel the best you possibly can.  That way the rest of your day feels like the icing on… your wedding cake!  

Here are a few photos from our doll Erin’s wedding.  She is absolutely breathtaking and came from great genes since her entire family is filled with beauties!  You can see the fun we had and the memories that were made.  I hope to see you in my chair so we can give you the attention you deserve as a bride!

Love, Jules

*photos provided by Red Fly Studio

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