Whether you are an aspiring makeup artist or just a gal with a lot of makeup lying around, we’ve all had a time where our beauty products get out of control! There is a way to organize all of your makeup and de-stress your mess!

Here are some photos of my makeup kit & what it consists of:

A rolling scrapbooking case from Michael’s craft store- originally $50.00, on sale 40% off, so $30.00

2 stackable containers from Target home storage section- $8.99 a piece

Total cost- about $50.00, and worth every penny


The stackable containers have three levels that snap together and have a lid with a handle. I can even take off the lid from one set and snap the second set of containers on top. Each level is dedicated to a category of makeup. One level is full of lipsticks and liners, another is full of eyeliners, and one is full of foundations and powders. The two containers fit on top of each other pretty perfectly inside my rolling case. Inside the bottom level of the containers is an added bonus of two removable dividers that are perfect for q-tips, sponges, and bobby pins.




The containers are also great if you currently have no storage system for your makeup. You can separate all your makeup into categories, and remove the dividers to hold other things like earrings, hair clips, or nail polish. The stackable containers can sit on your vanity top, or hide under a cabinet to be easily accessed when needed.

If you’re like me and have a very organized vanity drawer, these containers are great for traveling. You can throw your basic makeup into one bin or two bins and the toiletries in the last. You can probably even fit a hairbrush into one level.


Basically, I love these containers! They come in a larger size, too. I love the larger ones for my nail polish, but they would also be great for hair stylists because they are big enough to fit several tools in each level.

You can find plenty of ways to organize your beauty treasures in the home storage section, if these containers aren’t your favorite. Do what works for you, and be creative. Happy organizing! And don’t forget to  Pin It -Jordan

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