Being Dollface: 1st Team Photo Shoot

This post comes a day late after needing a day of rest!  Why, did I need to take a random Wednesday off?  On Tuesday, I met with beautiful models, new Dollface artists, & a phenomenal photographer named Kelli Boyd, at our makeup studio inside of the incredible production studio called Meddin.  We brought all the makeup we own, tons of hats & accessories from the amazing Parker Beck, and we started to unleash creative magic!  Why did we do this?  Well, a few important reasons.  I’ve been itching for creative freedom for months now.  I wanted to play & get to do makeup that made no sense and applied with no real plan in mind.  I have come to find out that I work really well when I just go with the flow and let the model’s face guide me. I was happily exhausted after the shoot!  Here is a sneek peek of a look I did during this shoot.  Thank you, Kelli for capturing her beauty so well!  I can’t wait to share all the looks we created together!

When I started Dollface, my goal was to work full time & be able to live.  I work a lot & I love it.  It’s one foot in front of the other for me since it’s hard work to grow a solid company.  Things look different when you are in the trenches, so it was pretty amazing for me to see the small but mighty company that I created in such stellar form! 

Yes, I’m bragging a little.  But it’s because I’m so proud.  It’s much more than just me & we’re doing something really great.  We have fun in our mini hats & vests, dancing to music while we paint! Jordan & Sergio are driven & excited!  You can teach someone how to apply makeup, but you can’t teach someone how to be passionate.

We’re going to do many more shoots to continue training and playing! You can keep up with all of our newest work, inspirations, & artist’s boards on Pinterest. Read our tips/tricks by hitting LIKE! on Facebook. And follow us on Twitter: @dollfacebyjules @dollface_sergio @dollface_jordan  @dollfacebooth

A HUGE thank you to the following:  Kelli Boyd Photography, Plan B ReDesigns for lending us your girly items. Thank you Kat for always being “my Dollface”!  Thank you to Sergio, Jordan, Josh, & Jenn for being amazing team members! And thank you to the fabulous models from Savannah Theater- Shannon, Gretchen, Michelle, & Lucinda!  I know this blog isn’t our normal tips or product recommendations.  But I wanted to share a little behind the scenes of the heart of Dollface.  Thanks for letting me share!

Sincerely filled with love,


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