I typically get a lot of questions about my lashes.  I hear, “Are those yours?!”  “Do you wear false lashes daily?”  “Do you have extensions?”  I’m going to give you my personal tips to growing long, pretty lashes- no growth serum needed.  Remember, your lashes are just like the hair on your head & they need maintenance. Here’s 5 easy tips to get yours growing!

Items you may need:

  • Conditioning eye makeup remover
  • Mascara *no more than 3 months old*
  • Primer
  • Eye lash curler

Tip #1:  Wash off your makeup every night.  EVERY NIGHT!  I know sometimes you just don’t wanna.  Sometimes you are just too tired.  Whatever your reason, figure out a way to wash your face.  Personally, I wash my face & get ready for bed BEFORE I get too comfy on the couch at night.  I also keep makeup wipes in my nightstand as a back up.  Bonus tip: Use baby wipes instead of makeup wipes. They are less expensive, made for sensitive skin, & they work really well!

Why is Tip #1 so important?  Mascara breaks your lashes.  They become brittle and dry, then they break.  I won’t get into what happens to the rest of your face. Ew. I’ll save that for another blog!

Tip #2:  Condition your lashes.  I use Ultrabland face cleanser from Lush.  This heavy duty cleanser is tough enough to remove Sharpie magic marker from your skin & it’s all natural!  No joke, that’s the demo they showed me years ago.  It also conditions my lashes as it removes my makeup.  The fewer steps the better for me!

Tip #3:  Use an eye lash curler.  Make sure to use the curler BEFORE you apply primer or mascara.  Start with holding the curl for 3 seconds per eye.  Need more volume?  Add an extra 2 seconds per eye & evaluate.  What’s primer?  I’m so glad you asked!

Tip #4:  Use primer.  This is a double duty item that I love!  Use primer (white) before applying the coat of black.  Let it sit for about a minute before applying mascara.  This will make your lashes look thicker immediately.  Double duty tip: Use the primer at night on your clean lashes to condition them.  My personal favorite is L’oreal Double Extend Mascara + Primer duo (gold & white tube).  I always finish the mascara before the primer, so I use at night instead of tossing it. 

Tip #5: Toss mascara every 3 months.  I know, I know.. you don’t want to toss it yet because you just bought it!  Here’s why you want to: Air, moisture, and bacteria living inside of the makeup become a breeding ground for a sty or eye infection after about 3 months.  Buy a new one & save yourself a trip to the doc!  Plus new mascara will give you better results. 

I hope these tips help you understand what your lashes need to grow long & pretty.  Do you have any tips to share?  We’d love to hear from you!  Comment here or LIKE us & join our interactive Facebook page!

Till next time dolls,


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