Facial Sugaring: Why Brides can get sugared the day before their wedding

Sugaring is a method of hair removal safe for all areas of the body, including the face. Women often find frustration in their makeup routines due to unwanted hair, ranging from peach fuzz to coarse bristles.  Makeup, especially in powder form, has a tendency to stick to facial hair, causing a small amount of hair to visually multiply and thicken once makeup is applied. 

Women are more often than not dissatisfied with the results of facial waxing.  Because waxing tends to remove the first layer of live skin cells with the hair, the skin becomes raw and irritated, and for days afterwards, makeup will not “stick” to the skin.  Other complaints include levels of burns from mild to extreme caused by the high temperature of the wax placed on the skin, breakouts caused from pulling the hair from the skin in the opposite direction of its natural growth and intense irritation of the follicle, and fast regrowth resulting from hair breakage rather than full removal.  This is not to mention the pain, the ingrowns, the hairs remaining after the service is over, the chemicals, resins, and preservatives found in wax, and the bacteria breeding ground that is a wax pot.  Another scary reality of waxing is that anyone can wax, even those that aren’t licensed to do so.  (Nail salons, anyone?)

Because of these disappointing experiences, women often resort to daily shaving, simply because they do not realize an alternative exists.  They’d rather live with facial stubble than suffer the consequences of waxing.

Enter sugaring, a solution to facial hair woes that is made from only sugar, lemon juice, and water. Sugaring products are only sold to licensed professionals who have completed additional training as Certified Body Sugaring Practitioners.  This all-natural method of hair removal is ideal for all body parts, and the face is no exception.  Not only can brows be perfectly shaped using this approach, but the entire face can safely be sugared. 

My clients often consider this service a mini-facial, because sugaring safely exfoliates dead, dry skin cells along with removing unwanted hair.  The paste NEVER adheres to live skin, and the hair is removed in the direction of its growth, causing little to no irritation and long lasting results.  

One of my favorite parts of this service, of course, is how beautifully makeup can be applied over a sugared face.  Sometimes a facial sugaring service is desired even if the client has little to no issue with unwanted facial hair, simply because of these glowing results.  Dead skin accumulates daily, and without these rough dry cells and hair preventing cosmetics and moisturizers from functioning as they should, smooth healthy skin can really shine through the makeup.  No need to worry about waiting several days before a big event to have your brows, upper lip, or whole face sugared – your makeup will adhere perfectly as soon as immediately after your service.

Brides are often anxious about receiving a facial hair removal service the day before their wedding because they’ve dealt with the not-so-nice consequences of a brow wax gone wrong, but with sugaring, there is no need to worry about burns or rawness.  In fact, a set of freshly sugared brows precisely shaped to accentuate your best features will polish your wedding day look to perfection.  A last minute sugaring service on the face will do nothing but enhance the flawlessness of a brides final look.

Another concern clients have is hair regrowth.  An untrue rumor has been circulating since the beginning of time that if the hair is removed, darker, thicker hair will replace it. This belief is caused by the age at which we normally concern ourselves with hair removal – puberty.  During this time in our lives, hair is naturally turning darker and growing thicker because of hormones.  Shaving, waxing, and sugaring have nothing to do with this change.  On the contrary, with continued sugaring services on any body part, the hair actually grows back finer, thinner, and sparser, always a plus when it comes to unwanted hair.

Book your facial sugaring service to experience these incredible results for yourself!  Contact Jessica@dollfacebyjules.com for availability or click here for pricing info.

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