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Over the past couple of months I’ve been loving my at home manicures with Salon Effects.  I’d seen the commercials but wasn’t willing to pay the $9.99 price tag to try it.  Thankfully CVS had a few discontinued colors on clearance for half price- SCORE!  At the time, my nails were pretty short.  With the amount of brush cleaner I use combined with having brittle nails, I was in need of something fabulous.  

At first, even after reading the directions, I still wasn’t confident in my application.  There is a bit of a learning curve with these “stickers for your nails”, as my husband calls them.  Once you have them in place on your nail bed, they begin to warm with your body temperature and adhere since it’s actually nail polish.  Here are a few tips for an easier application:

*First Timer* The first time, follow the directions exactly.  Once you have them on, add a topcoat.  I love Seche Vite Dry Fast.  

*Getting Better* Once you feel confident in your application, try only using 1 pack of the strips. Two are included in the box, so cutting the strips in half will give you TWO manicures per box. This gives you more bang for your buck with a $5 (or less) manicure!  Make sure you put the second pack in a Ziploc immediately.  Air will dry them out making them difficult to use.

*Almost Pro* Now that you are feeling as steady as a nail tech, a base coat is a must. Orly Bonder has the best staying power, but there’s no room for error when you place the strip. Top coat is optional.  

Cons:  It’s a too little pricey at $10.  Also, I do find the edges will chip even after trimming the edges correctly with a small pair of scissors.  The base + top coats do help with this issue.

Final Review:  Overall, I love this product!  I often get complients on my interesting design choices. I also noticed since the polish is set to last for about 2 weeks, my nails grow much stronger. Fun nails are the new, hot beauty trend, Salon Effects makes it afforable & pretty easy!

Till next time dolls,

<3 Jules

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  • Melissa (Dollface North) says:

    I am an avid nail biter, especially during stressful times, so my nails are always super short. I used the Salon Effects polish strips for the first time tonight (which I nabbed for half-off at my local Target) and was able to apply them over a set of Kiss glue-on nails. I'm so happy with the end result and a total convert!

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