How to Color Match Foundation

Finding the perfect foundation color seems to be one of the hardest things to do. You finally think you found the right color, until you step into the sunlight and see the feared “line of demarcation”. There are two factors in finding your match: undertone and tone. 

Your undertone is the hint of color under your skin. Undertone categories are listed below.  

Cool: Pink or rosy glow (Sarah Chalke, photo from

          looks best in pinks, purples, blues, silvers, true black 

Warm: Golden or apricot glow (Cameron Diaz, photo from

            looks best in oranges, yellows, greens, golds, earth tones

Neutral: Combination of cool and warm or no distinct undertones (Jennifer Aniston, photo from

              looks great in bronze and most other colors 

Tone is the shade of your skin, your range from light to dark. This can change with sun exposure. 

So first, determine your undertone. After that, choosing the correct shade is much easier. 

Tip: Always double check your color to your neck! Our faces naturally get more sun and therefore may be darker than the rest of our body. For others, acne can create a red/pink overtone that is not necessarily a cool undertone. 

Now you can find your perfect match like a pro!    

<3 Jordan

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