Introducing Sugaring with Jessica!

Hello dolls! My name is Jessica, and I’m the newest member of Team Dollface offering Sugaring and makeup services! I’m a Licensed Esthetician and I’ve received additional training as well as an specialty certification in this unparalleled technique, exclusively offered at Dollface by Jules. Most aren’t familiar with Sugaring, so allow me to introduce you to this incredible new service in luxury pampering. 

Sugaring is an ancient method of hair removal (like, Cleopatra ancient), that a lot of people mistakenly call sugar waxing. It is not waxing at all, but a paste that is applied by hand. It is made of only the most natural ingredients: sugar, lemon juice, and water.

Because I pull the hairs at the same direction as the hair grows, the natural way to take hair out of the skin, you know that all of the hair has been removed by the root, so your skin stays smooth for as long as it possibly can. It’s got to produce an entirely new hair underneath before anything can poke up at the surface!

Basically, all the terrible things that can and do happen with waxing are impossible with sugaring.  Here’s a quick guide of Waxing vs. Sugaring:

  • Wax: Burns – Sugar: applied at room temperature.
  • Wax: Ripped skin – Sugar: only attaches to the hair and dead skin, never live skin.
  • Wax: Bumps, soreness, & sensitivity – Sugar: only pulls out hair, not any layers of live skin, so any soreness goes away quickly – Sugar: is all natural so irritation is at a minimum.
  • Wax: Infection and double dipping – Sugar: impossible with sugaring because it will never rip the skin, and is applied by gloved hand, so the glob of sugar I use is yours and only yours until it is full of hair, then the glove and the glob are thrown away and a new glove is used to dip into more sugar. Sanitation is a huge deal!
  • Wax: Fast regrowth – waxing, because it is pulled in the opposite direction of the hair growth, has a tendency to break hairs off at the top of the skin, instead of actually pulling them out by the root, making the regrowth time very quick because the hair wasn’t removed in the first place. Sugar: Slower regrowth.
  • Wax: Ingrowns are caused by irritated follicles from pulling in the opposite direction of growth. Sugar: While sugaring removes the hair naturally in the direction of the growth and exfoliates dead skin to allow that ingrown hair to finally poke through the surface and be removed.
  • Wax: Leaves behind a sticky, man-made chemical residue – Sugar: natural ingredients dissolve in water.

    So, if you aren’t completely convinced, or you have any questions, please join us for a pretty sweet event on Thursday, Oct 18th from 5-9pm.  See you there!


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