On the farm! Don’t tell anyone I’m not in uniform 😉

Oh I had fun on a pig farm, twice!  Thanks to my client and dear friend, Libbie Summers.  I have had the pleasure nay the honor of hanging out with her and an amazing crew for 3 days.  We were there and a little bit of everywhere for Libbie’s new book, The Whole Hog Cookbook, releasing in September.  A small crew can go one of two ways, good or bad.  I was fortunate to be a part of a crew that made me feel like we were at summer camp.

Fun stories, great photography, and recipes with a twist!  I do make a small cameo at the dinner table, which was so much fun!  Cheers to Libbie, the crew, & your mouth watering!

Enjoy the show!
A few behind the scenes…

My red headed soul sister, Becky! Yes, she is aware there is a bow on her head.
Brenda’s 1st time in the makeup chair!

Libbie Summers: Creator/Culinary Producer
Ben Fink: Director/Director of Photography Camera A
Jeff Kavanaugh: Grip/Camera Assistant
Chia Chong: Camera B
Jason Clairy: Steady Cam/Grip
Rebecca Prescott: Production Coordinator
Clayton de Wet: Sound
Jules De Jesus: Hair and Makeup
Joshua Summers: Producer
Brenda Anderson: Production Assistant
Jessica Miller: Culinary Assistant
Christian Simmons: Editor

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