To recap how I spent the day… I was at Paula Deen’s home w/ Libbie Summers (Paula’s Senior Food Stylist who has her own cookbook coming out in Sept), met the incredible icon – Liza Minnelli, & Bobby Dean gave me his new cookbook inscribed to “Jules & The Fritz”.  Just when you didn’t think it could get any better- I was paid top dollar to do all of this!

I say all of this for a reason, and also because it IS pretty damn awesome!  I want to encourage you along with myself to never let go of your dream.  I remember when many, and I mean lots & *LOTS* of people thought I was absolutely crazy for ever thinking I could leave my tiny hometown to do makeup.  Makeup?!  On location and not out of a hair salon?!  Full time?!   Well a little over 2 years later- a thriving business with a team of 5, portable photobooth division, & a makeup line in the works, I say with a smile- “Yup.”

No matter what your dream is, no matter how crazy it seems to everyone else.. follow it anyway since living your dream is the best ride you can ever take but living in regret of what could’ve been is a miserable option.  Today reminded me of how sweet life is and how it’s worth taking the chance on yourself.

Here’s a photo from Paula’s crew:

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