Avoid powder white faces in pictures!


“Jules…why am I seeing so many celebs with this happening to them? What products are they using to get that look? I know that SPF in products gives that white look but you’d think the makeup artist would know better! “

I have seen this way too much! Nicole Kidman & Eva Longoria both had this happen a couple of months ago. If can be a few of things:

1. SPF 25+ is notorious for reflecting white since the active SPF ingredient is Mica (a white mineral). It could be the under eye product had too much SPF.

 2. Translucent powder (also white) is often used under the eyes to catch loose shadow so it can be easily brushed away. But you can’t forget about it! 
3. MUFE’s HD powder if not properly blended can also show super white! It’s a fine velvety powder which can bounce light just like the SPF. 
With all of that said, a professional makeup artist should be trained enough to avoid all of these possible blunders!  Hope this helps!

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