Your perfect look in 6 easy steps!

Thankfully, makeup application isn’t rocket science—or even geometry for that matter, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy either. From getting a perfectly natural foundation finish to creating a fierce extended liner look, here are six awesome (yet, totally realistic) makeup tricks I’ve picked up to share with you.

Tip 1: Blend your liquid foundation with a fluffy powder brush, the dual fiber mineralized brush from M.A.C (#187) works awesome! to get that photofinish and natural look.

Tip 2: Apply a vibrant rosy-colored cream base blush to the apples of your cheeks prior to applying your foundation in order to get a lit-from-within-look. Try Urban Decay cheek tint Color in Quickie.

Tip 3: Press a plastic card up to the corner of your eye(letting the lash line be the guide to wear to place the card), before trying to create a sultry extended eyeliner look. As you reach the outer corner of your eye with your liner, glide it right along the edge of the card to get a perfectly straight finish.

Tip 4: Get a FIERCE! eyeliner effect without having to apply it by wiggling your mascara wand deep into the base of your lashes. It will create the illusion of liner and also fuller lashes while saving you precious getting-ready time.

Tip 5: Before applying liner to your lips, if your goal is to make them appear fuller or even—scribble your lip liner on the back of your hand to dull the tip first. This way, when you overdraw your lips, the finish will look softer you can even take an eyeliner brush (M.A.C #266)and blend your liner down onto the lip if your wearing a clear gloss or a lip color that is more nude—

Tip 6: Make a bold or dark lip color really last with this trick: apply a coat of lipstick then hold a thin tissue over your lips. Dust a translucent loose powder (try M.A.C Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder) on the tissue so it coats your lip color with just a touch of powder. Apply a second coat of lipstick and finish with one more coat of powder applied through the tissue. Have Fun Beautifying Dolls !!  Love, Sergio

What is your Perfect Tip??

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