Makeup Guide for Every Decade – Part 2


30 something ……

Your best Makeup now:  Your skin may be just starting too show its first stages of aging.  But don’t worry!  Primer is going to be your new best friend such as Smashbox’s Photo Finish Light.  This primer will absorb oil where needed, but add moisture to dry areas.  Making sure to use moisturizer daily will also help keep your skin nice and plump.  If you have oil skin, use oil-free vs. skipping the step all together.  Clear, luminous skin will now start taking the place of neon eye shadow.  

Get Cheeky: Play up a youthful glow by using highlight on the top of your cheekbones or a soft and suttle pink blush or a coral cream color to add to the apples of your cheeks.  

What to wear:  Laura Mercier tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 gives skin that youthful glow, it does not crease the skin or make it look cakey.  To really enhance and look more lumionous, dab-a pearly pink Benfits High Beam Highlighter on top of cheekbones.  For a POP! of color, using a brush apply a Moisturizing blush outwards from the apples of your cheeks.  Like Nars cream blush in Cactus Flower.

Next week we’ll cover our final section, being fabulous at 40!

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