We all enjoy being pampered, especially when it comes at no cost. Who says the best things in life can’t be FREE?! Spend one hour of your time with us and leave looking and feeling fantastic. Our artists will provide makeup that will enhance your beauty and your facial structure, so no clown makeup here! Our studio is a safe, judgement-free place where you are encouraged to embrace and enhance your natural beauty.

The Dollface Training Faces program is in effect for 2 reasons: (1) To give you (yes, YOU) a reason to take a 1-hour break from the day and enjoy having your makeup applied by a training professional in the comfort of the Dollface Studio at no charge. (2) To provide fresh, new challenges to our team of training makeup artists and As a BONUS, you will feel great that you spent time helping to grow someone’s passion into a career all while you look fabulous!

Dollface by Jules is committed to training and mentoring some of the best makeup artists in the world, right here in Savannah, GA. Professional makeup application is not reserved only for super models and celebrities with “flawless” skin, it is a medium of art that requires an artist to understand and have the skills to troubleshoot, every possible combination of ethnicity, maturity, skin tone and condition. Our goal with this program is to create a list of local men and women who are willing to come in and serve as training models for developing makeup artists on Team Dollface.

Here’s how it works:

  • You fill out the contact form below with a good email address
  • You will immediately receive a questionnaire that will ask specific information about YOU
  • Periodically, you will receive an email from Dollface requesting training faces on various dates
  • You agree to come in for an appointment at a set day/time
  • You leave with a beautiful face of makeup!

What we are looking for:

  • Men and women of ALL ethnic backgrounds including African, Indian, Hispanic, Asian & Caucasian
  • Problem areas such as acne, redness, dark circles, bags, discoloration, sun spots, and maturing skin
  • All age ranges from 16 and up!

There is absolutely no obligation by taking advantage of this opportunity. If you decide that you are no longer interested in being a part of our program, simply opt out of our email list and we will remove you immediately. If you love it, we invite you to keep coming back and tell your friends!

Ready to join our model list? Click the button below to complete our contact form and we will be in touch when we schedule our next training day!