Headshot-Jules My love affair with makeup began during childhood date nights with Momma   Dollface; playing in her makeup bag, listening to oldies on vinyl, and being encouraged to play! My new found love for all things beauty spilled over into hair, makeup, and manicures on everyone around me. I was hooked on how happy it made me and my friend or family member feel.In 1997, I began my professional beauty career as a consultant for Clinique at the local mall in my hometown of Sebring, FL. Excelling quickly at the counter, I realized my potential as a business woman, and began a journey to becoming a full time artist for myself. I practiced constantly, created a vision board, set goals, and completed a National Certification course in 2006.After accepting an invitation to move to Savannah in 2007 with nothing more than a makeup box and a dream, I took a chance on me. I hit the ground running starting my company and brand, Dollface by Jules – “Making Over the World- One Face at a Time™.”Today, after seventeen professional years of hard work and determination, I’m the proud Founder and CEO of a company that has expanded from a one-woman-show to a team that includes makeup artists, hair stylists and offfice personnel. We do it all; from bridal beauty to celebrities, magazine features to runway shows, TV & commercials to feature films, and private or group classes, Dollface by Jules has become the expert source for makeup artistry and education in Savannah and surrounding areas. Most recently, I was personally invited by Paula Deen to join her beauty team. After working with Deen Enterprises for many years, this was truly a profound honor that has been on my vision board since arriving in Savannah. Dreams really do come true, y’all!Dollface continues to grow and thrive in Savannah, and now we are expanding to a national scale with the our continued work ethic, professionalism, and skill that is instilled into each member of #TeamDollface. Next to my son, Julian, teaching makeup is my heart. I love coaching on all levels, from those who are passionate about becoming a professional to those who just want to learn how to do their eyeliner! Makeup is a connection between the artist and canvas, an expression of love and creativity. We strive for our clients feel this with every brush stroke and energy exchange. I can’t wait to see you in my chair and share the Dollface experience with you!