Browse Through Our FAQ’s

Do you offer airbrush makeup?

Yes! Dollface Artists are certified with Temptu Airbrush (we also have it available for purchase!)

Can I request a specific makeup artist?

Yes! Please make sure to ask Julie if your preferred artist is available.

Do your artists come to my location?

Yes! All fees are based per round trip and vary by area.

Can I have my makeup done for a photoshoot?

Yes! We would love to spend as much time with you as we can!

What kind of lashes do you use?

We hand lay individual lashes because they provide the most natural look. If you have strip lashes you would like us to use, no problem!

How long will my makeup session take?

We allow one hour per person.

Can I bring inspiration photos to my makeup artist?

We recommend that you bring inspiration pictures to your appointment.

Can I design a makeup look with my makeup artist?

Yes, we offer a 2 hour appointment to design the look you want.

Can I bring my own makeup and/or brushes?

The makeup artist will provide all the necessary makeup and clean brushes. If you are uncomfortable with our tools, we can certainly apply makeup using your products, but we can not guarantee the same quality of results. Every product in your artist’s kit has been carefully selected and tested for use on a wide array of skin types. 

Do you offer tattoo cover up, body makeup, and scar coverup?

Yes! Please make sure to talk with Julie about your needs in detail. Every tattoo and scar cover-up is unique an will be quoted individually.